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Symptoms of Foot Problems in Children

A child's developing feet undergo significant changes during their early years. The medial arch, formed by bones, muscles, and ligaments, gradually takes shape, resulting in a visible arch in the sole. Infants and young children often have flat feet, which is normal due to their flexibility. As kids learn to walk, their ligaments and muscles strengthen, and the arch area becomes less pronounced. By around six years old, most children should have developed normal arches. If a child experiences foot pain or seems to struggle to keep up with peers, a problem may be developing. Two conditions, in-toeing, when the feet turn inwards, and out-toeing, when the feet turn outwards, may require attention. In many cases, in-toeing might resolve on its own, but a persistent or severe case should be assessed, especially if it hinders the child's gait or causes tripping. Out-toeing often resolves as posture and balance improve, but serious cases or those causing pain should be addressed. Parents should also be vigilant about other symptoms like abnormally shaped toes, ingrown toenails, bunions, stiffness, limping, and sudden gait changes. If your child's feet are raising concerns or causing pain, it is suggested that you make an appointment with a podiatrist. 

The health of a child’s feet is vital to their overall well-being. If you have any questions regarding foot health, contact Dr. Richard T. Bauer of Summit Foot & Ankle. Our doctor can provide the care you need to keep you pain-free and on your feet.

Tips for Keeping Children's Feet Healthy

  • Make sure their shoes fit properly
  • Look for any signs of in-toeing or out-toeing
  • Check to see if they have Clubfoot (condition that affects your child’s foot and ankle, twisting the heel and toes inward) which is one of the most common nonmajor birth defects.
  • Lightly cover your baby’s feet (Tight covers may keep your baby from moving their feet freely, and could prevent normal development)
  • Allow your toddler to go shoeless (Shoes can be restricting for a young child’s foot)
  • Cut toenails straight across to avoid ingrown toenails
  • Keep your child’s foot clean and dry
  • Cover cuts and scrapes. Wash any scratches with soap and water and cover them with a bandage until they’ve healed.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our office located in Latham, NY . We offer the newest diagnostic and treatment technologies for all your foot care needs.

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